Song – Vacant Space

Funky and fresh Brisbane-based 4-piece band, Slip-on Stereo has been considered the “band to see” since breaking onto the scene in early 2012.

Self-described as “summer sounds”, their style is a unique blend of Pop, Funk, RnB, Reggae & anything else they feel inspired to throw in the mix.

These boys don’t look like easing up any time soon with the recent release of the first single Mercury off their 5 track EP produced and recorded by producer Anthony Lycenko.

Zeek Power and Clint Wallace lead the band vocally while also holding the rhythm on guitars. They are know for their trademark vocal sound and mix of gospel-flavoured harmonies. Clint is a familiar face as ex-bass guitarist of well-known Rockhampton born band, Busby Marou and Zeek is the latest YouTube sensation with his solo work under his name “Zeek Power”.

Former Rookie band members, bass guitarist Phil Moore and drummer Ash Moore hold the heartbeat of the band together. The boys have set their sights towards 2013 with a calendar full of gigs and a new Ep to release. 2013 is a big year for Slip- On Stereo.