From the suburbs of Brisbane a unique sound emerges.

A fusion of hip-hop, RnB, jazz and reggae, cleverly strung together creating the vibrant style of the band Classik Nawu. This five-piece group is fresh on the live music scene bringing with them cultural diversity and a creativeness that sets them apart from the competition.

From what started out as a group of three boys jamming and recording in a garage has evolved into a band with purpose, which is reflected in the band’s name. “Classik” represents songs that will stand the tests of time and not be forgotten, unlike the popular songs of today, and “Nawu” translates to “music” in the Torres Strait language.

With the release of an original 5-track debut EP (due this year) titled “Hipfunkfresh” and their quickly increasing fan base, Classik Nawu is set to become a major player in the Australian music industry.