CKNUSong – So Tight 

‘Fusion’ music can be a tricky beast. Bands will often try to smash together a host of influences – but it takes a special combination of talent and sheer fearlessness to actually pull it off. And thankfully they are two things CKNU have in abundance.

Since first emerging in 2010, this Brisbane five piece – formally known as Classik Nawu – have become nothing short of thrilling to watch. Their music straddles everything from hip-hop to funk, soul, jazz and reggae…sometimes in just one song. But at the heart of this music is a sense of freedom and authenticity that comes from a band simply having a good time and doing what they love.

Brothers Sah and Tito, hailing from the Torres Strait Islands, merge an incredible natural talent for harmonies in an almost irreverent likeness to the classic soul and reggae greats bringing to life their brand of R&B.

Meanwhile hip-hop emcee Swilo lays down the foundation with his unforgettable flow and presence, and the fast fingers of Big Daddy T brings the old-school funk on bass , locking in with forward thinking drummer Jay Jay anchoring  the assault.

While long considered a phenomenal live outfit, the band’s five-track debut EP HIPFUNKFRESH grabbed plenty of attention and found them in a position as a band to watch – a feeling that will only get stronger as they work toward recording and releasing their next EP in 2014 following on from the single of last year  ‘So Tight’ (out through the country’s premier indigenous label Impossible Odds).

CKNU has also been featured on the annual HOME music compilation which promotes the most exciting new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from around the country.

On the live scene, they have chalked up a run of talked about shows at some of Queensland’s key venues (Hi-Fi Bar, Uber, Tempo) while also taking their music to festival audiences  from Woodford to the Brisbane River Festival and 2 High.