Song – Bringing Me to Tears

Adam James is at the vanguard of a new wave of young Indigenous Australian singer / songwriters. His output is prolific and possesses an enthusiasm for making music that transcends genres.

While primarily positioned in the country scene, Adam’s performance dynamic, generosity and integrity make him sought out by music festivals, organizations and corporations looking for a young well-respected musician and solid role model.

His music is imprinted and shaped from the environment he grew up in, from the country music cradle of the mid north NSW Coast to north Stradbroke Island off the coast of Brisbane.

It was while living in these isolated conditions Adam had ample time to sift through his parent’s record and tape collections, firing his musical imagination and allowing his musical direction to take shape.

Music for Adam is like food for the soul; received and pushed into the musical sphere through smell, touch, taste and listen. His critics enjoy the same level of delivery and understanding best describing his work as contemporary country music, passionate, full of meaning, showcasing the life of self and the relationship and emotion of humanity.

His on-stage presence engages audiences around the globe and he has a strong following of loyal fans that are prepared to travel to hear him. Put simply, his audiences come to hear something about themselves.

After two full studio albums in 4 years, touring in Australia and Canada where he received the 2012 APCMA International Indigenous Artist of the Year and a relentless pursuit of writing and honing his craft, Adam is on his way to a third studio album in 2014.

His next body of music work features strong, powerful, vibrant and fresh songs that explore country music paying significant homage to influencers including Bread, Paul Kelly, Neil Young and Jackson Browne. Adam sites, ‘My third album is one more step of along the road to discovery – to build something form from scratch and unfold the creative corners of the music map. Every moment is a chance to explore and discover’.