Volume Five

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  3. Tigerlilly Lion – River People
  4. Thelma Plum – Around Here
  5. Robbie Miller – Don’t Go Walking Away
  6. The Coldwater Band – Red, Black and Yellow
  7. Bart Willoughby – Aboriginal Reggae
  8. Dubmarine – Bullyman
  9. Bryte – Brainwash
  10. DT3 – No Love Lost (featuring Jaden Taniwha)
  11. Theona Councillor – Cover Me
  12. John Bennett – Wangkaja
  13. Glen Skuthorpe – The Great Beyonder

Artwork by Agnes Mark | website

New Mapoon, Cape York
Burn Grass
, 2013 (Detail)
Mixed media, 100cm x 74cm

This painting reflects my emotion when the story of the burning of Old Mapoon was told me by our Elders. I felt angry, isolated and squashed into a very small box. I felt like I was in the middle of a dry grass burning, choked and nowhere to go. It was a very anger-sad and stressful feeling.

Artwork copyright and courtesy the Artists and the Northern Peninsula Area Arts Centre.

Image courtesy of UMI Arts Ltd. Photography by Michael Marzik 2013..